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Fun “Halloween” Movie Franchise Facts

Friday, June 8, 2018 | Fan Content

After 15 years of captivity in Smiths Grove Sanitarium for the murder of his sister Judith, Myers escaped and set out to finish what he started… to hunt down and kill the remainder of his family. With over 110 kills spanning over 10 movies he is regarded as one of the icons of horror with his signature white mask, coveralls and butcher knife.


  • HALLOWEEN II is the only film to show the morning after the 31st, every other movie ends on Halloween night.
  • The word painted on blood on the chalk board was ‘Samhain”. The Celtic word refers to an ancient Irish holiday at the end of Summer on October 31, the Festival of Samhain. 
  • In HALLOWEEN III the small town of Santa Mira that was used was also the setting for Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956).
  • When filming HALLOWEEN 5, Donald Pleasence accidentally hit Don Shanks in the nose, breaking it. As a result, they had to cut out the nose of the mask and add on a paper thin nose cut off of another H5 mask. The edges of the nose appliance can be seen clearly in a lot of the film.
  • The Jamie Lloyd character has a striking parallel to the Tommy Jarvis character from the Friday the 13th series. Both characters appeared in the fourth, fifth and sixth films of their respective series. They were both about the same age in their first appearance. They both become institutionalized and develop homicidal tendencies themselves after the killer. In this film, Jamie starts out as a mute. In the fifth Friday the 13th, Tommy rarely speaks. At the end of that film, Tommy is seen holding a knife and essentially becomes Jason. At the end of the previous Halloween, Jamie is seen holding a pair of scissors and she essentially becomes Michael.
  • HALLOWEEN 6 script-writer Daniel Farrands suggested the film be called ‘The Curse of Michael Myers’ due to the troubled production.
  • HALLOWEEN H20 was the seventh film in the series. H2O is the chemical symbol for water which has a pH balance of 7.0.(MIND-BLOWN)
  • Originally in HALLOWEEN H20, the Shape was cut in half by a helicopter rotor while early drafts of the script had Laurie stabbing him through the heart with a javelin while he was pinned between the two pieces of a retractable gym floor. Producer Mustapha Akkad wanted the Shape to live at the end so he could produce more Halloween films, while Bob Weinstein at Dimension Films wanted the Shape to die. Weinstein instructed screenwriter Robert Zappia to write two endings and send the ending with the Shape surviving to Akkad while they would actually shoot the ending where the Shape died. Zappia refused, much to Weinstein’s annoyance. According to Zappia, Kevin Williamson concocted the film’s ending where the Shape is “killed,” as well as the twist shown in Halloween: Resurrection (2002) (spoiler) where it is revealed that the Shape had switched clothes with a paramedic. This solution managed to appease both parties.
  • HALLOWEEN: Resurrection director Rick Rosenthal previously directed Halloween II (1981) – 21 years earlier.
  • At the start of HALLOWEEN: Resurrection, an asylum inmate recounts how Michael Myers had stayed out of sight for “these three years”, i.e. since HALLOWEEN H20 (1998). This places the events of that scene in 2001 – the first year to have a full moon occur on Halloween since 1945.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed these random facts from the franchise we all love and remember, let’s all hope Carpenter and everyone over at Blumhouse can pull off the real Micheal Myers comeback in October when Haddonfield makes it’s way back to the big screen!

Aran Doyle
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