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Thursday, September 17, 2020 | Games

When I reviewed THE OUTER WORLDS, I gave it a glowing review and poured my love for it onto the page. With all of the disappointment I had in my heart for Fallout 76 by Bethesda, I was ready for something new that felt familiar, but better, and THE OUTER WORLDS by Obsidian really hit the spot. It was snarky, colorful, imaginative and beautiful. You could really make the game your own and it never felt boring or repetitive. In the event that you have done all you can in the game and are wanting more, Obsidian just released a new DLC called THE OUTER WORLDS: PERIL ON GORGON and it has everything you could want in a DLC and maybe some more.

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon

Image courtesy of Obsidian

THE OUTER WORLDS: PERIL ON GORGON begins after you finish the quest Radio Free Monarch. If you speak with Ada or travel to a different planet, you will get a notification of a package being left on The Unreliable.  Once you open the package you will find…a severed arm and a message from one Lucky Montoya about a big job that he is passing to Alex Hawthorne since he is probably very dead. Since Alex Hawthorne is no longer with us, it is up to you as the new captain of The Unreliable to take the job. The mission will take you to a creepy mansion on the outskirts of an asteroid named Gorgon. Gorgon used to be home to Spacer’s Choice, but something happened on the asteroid that caused a mass evacuation and now Gorgon is home to nothing but mutant monstrosities and marauders. 

Minnie Ambrose, the daughter of a prestigious scientist who perished in the event, wants a brave and gorgeous adventurer (aka YOU) to travel to the dangerous Gorgon and find out the truth about what happened to Gorgon and her mother. She wants to claim Gorgon as her rightful asteroid, but can’t do it without help. As the help, you may or may not live through it, but she will pay handsomely. This quest will not only have you traversing Gorgon, but send you to planets already familiar to your gameplay to learn the truth of the incident, of Gorgon and of what Spacer’s Choice was up to.

THE OUTER WORLDS: PERIL ON GORGON is the first of two story expansions that Obsidian has slated for the game. So much downloadable content can feel disjointed or slapped onto the main story, as with DYING LIGHT: HELLRAID, which felt like more like a mini game than an addition to the core story. THE OUTER WORLDS: PERIL ON GORGON does the opposite. It may not slot into the core story like the perfect puzzle piece, but it does expand on the main story with information that we didn’t know on the core game’s first playthrough. For those that are playing the game for the first time, this will give you a deeper story than players got upon release. 

The level cap has been raised to 33, and if you go into this DLC with a higher level, you won’t find the enemies to be on the difficult side. There are new perks and flaws for the DLC so be mindful of that. There are a ton of ammo, weapon and armor parts (as well as some powerful, albeit silly weapons) on offer, so I was never wanting for anything while on the asteroid. If you take Nyoka with you, you will raise hell and leave a trail of marauders behind you. The graphics are just as smooth and pretty as the rest of the game and the dialogue remains snarky and smart. I think that this DLC is more than just 6-8 hours of extra content, it is an essential addition to the story and I cannot wait to see the remainder of what Obsidian will release. You can snag THE OUTER WORLDS: PERIL ON GORGON DLC for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Windows for $14.99 as a standalone DLC or grab the season pass for $24.99 to get all of the content upon its release. 



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