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HorrorBabble Returns With Another Installment Of “The Weird Tales of Robert Bloch”

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 | Audio Horror

This week in their continuing series of blood-curdling tales from Robert Bloch, HorrorBabble presents THE FIDDLER’S FEE. On its first appearance in Weird Tales in July of 1940, THE FIDDLER’S FEE was described by the magazine as follows: “Genius for sale—at a price that could not be repaid in all Eternity.”


00:00 – Introduction
00:44 – One
11:38 – Two
16:40 – Three
21:33 – Four
26:52 – Five
31:38 – Six
39:44 – Seven
48:43 – Further Listening

Narrated by Ian Gordon for HorrorBabble Music and production by Ian Gordon & Jennifer Gill.

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