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It’s Official: “Alien” TV Series in Development for FX and Hulu

Friday, December 11, 2020 | News


In Space, No One Can You Hear You Scream…for joy!

After months of rumors and speculation, the ALIEN series has been officially announced! Creator of TV’s Fargo and Legion, Noah Hawley will be the creative force behind the project as an exectuve producer. Series creator Ridley Scott is also on board! The news was announced today by the head of FX, John Landgraf during Disney Investor Day.

The show is said to be the first ALIEN story to take place on Earth, set not too far in the future. Yes, you read that correctly. It will take place right here, on our own little blue marble! Reportedly, it will mix the tension building horror of the original film with the non-stop action of the second. That’s all we know right now, but the studio is said to be moving quickly. Check back for continuing news and details.



Joshua "Prometheus" Scafidi