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Justin Ishmael of ISH raises this “Tarman Mini” from the dead

Sunday, September 9, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Justin Ishmael is a lifelong fan of pop culture and draws great inspiration from the things he loves. His creativity and natural talents find focus in his company ISH, a place where he brings to life those ideas that crawl throughout his brain in authentic and innovative ways that even a seasoned collector will appreciate. 

One of ISH’S newest creepy creations is the TARMAN MINI, which stands 2 inches tall and is available in five different colourways. These oily undead minature zombies are, of course, based on the unforgettable character from The Return of the Living Dead (1985) and feature a design based on illustrations by DeathCatToys. Cast sculpted by Arcane Visionaries in soft vinyl, the pint-sized rotters are highly detailed and are at the ready to lick your brain (Tarman officially licensed & created by William Stout).

The five colourways that are currently available are Black (blank), Black (painted), Brown (blank), Brown (painted), Flesh (painted).  Each edition comes packaged in a clear bag with a custom paper topper. The figures themselves are holding a brain in their hands, which is part of the sculpt. 

Horror collectors and zombie enthusiasts may want to collect all five and maybe gift a few, as these figures range from $15 (for unpainted) to $20 (painted).

While on the website check out all the other items that ISH has to offer, such as THE GHOUL MINI FIGURE and PINS, and his KICKSTARTER for the officially licensed DEADLY SPAWN FIGURE. Readers can still fund this project right now. Check out these and more creations on the ISH website below. 

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