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KIDROBOT Sets Up Treehouse of Horror Blindbox Figures

Sunday, October 22, 2017 | Collectibles, News

Ever since 1990, THE SIMPSON’S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR has been an early Halloween tradition in my household. Each year I’ve prepped myself for the exciting trilogy-style show and never once have I ever been disappointed. So I’m pretty stoked that KIDROBOT is releasing THE SIMPSON’S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR blind box figures for a limited time. Each of these 3-inch figures are full of fun and frightfulness and feature BART FLY, DONUT HOMER, VAMPIRE BURNS and many more. 


Each piece has three points of articulation and comes with accessories. The character’s paint is vibrant, the figures are show accurate and there’s enough of a mixture that you’ll want to collect the whole set. My fave has to be “BART FLY” from the ninth season episode where Homer buys a transporter that Bart uses to switch bodies with a housefly. Each box is priced at $11.99 (USD) or you can get 20 for $239.80 USD (plus shipping).

With most blindbox figures, you’re bound to get doubles and if you really want those elusive figures like “Vampire Burns” or “Gremlin”, you may have to buy quite a few boxes to find them. That said, you can always sell the extras or gift them to friends. 

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Chris Hammond
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