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L.A. Comic Con Births New Film Genre With “ZombieCON” Screening

Saturday, November 17, 2018 | Exclusive

‘ANI-Fi’ was born this year on October 27th at Los Angeles COMIC CON with the showing of ZombieCON, a feature film about cosplayers stuck in a zombie apocalypse of Anime proportions.

ZombieCON awed a packed con audience with rocking music, exciting editing, solid acting and a completely fresh story. This Kill Bill meets INSERT ANY BADA** ANIME, feature film can only be categorized in its own unique genre. Hence the birth of ‘ANI-Fi’ (or ‘Anime/Film’), a genre that expertly blends all the staples, characters, arcs and beats of anime with those of a typical Hollywood film.
ZombieCON does exactly that and with a cinematic style that looks more like a film shot by Roger Deakins than a sub-$100,000 budget indie. Nominated for Best Director, Best Ensemble and Winner of The Indie Spirit Award with a working copy at Orlando Film Festival, ZombieCON‘s appearance at LA Comic Con did not disappoint. Playing to a standing room only crowd of Con goers, some of which had been following the ZombieCON team for the last three years and others they met that weekend, the screening was a truly one of a kind movie experience.
Completed by a 40 min Q/A with director Kyle Valle and the cast following the screening, some excited fans stayed even longer getting their gifted ZombieCON t-shirts signed and grabbing selfies with these new stars, until building staff had to usher everyone out for closing.
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