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MCWF creates Cult Horror Action Figures For Horror Fans

Sunday, September 23, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Moore Cool Wicked Figures (MCWF) is run and operated by D.C Moore out of North Carolina. A longtime lover of all things horror, he grew tired of seeing the same film figures reproduced time and time again, so he began to gather 6 and 8 inch tall figures at conventions with the express purpose of creating his own line. Moore resculpts, repaints and dismembers the figures before turning them into their new horror personalities from the likes of Blacula, Rock’n’Roll Nightmare, Halloween, Blood Beach and others. And while most retain the articulation that the original figures, others don’t.


MCWF doesn’t just create figures, they also produce custom cardback’s for their items. These cardbacks include nods to the bygone era of VHS tapes and even use the slogan “Be Kind Rewind Time”. Mock Blockbuster Video and Kmart stickers are also printed into the cardbacks to give them that extra special retro feel. All figures are made on a “preorder requests’ basis only as none are mass produced.

Along with creating mostly 80’s slasher figures, Moore and MCWF have been commissioned to produce pieces to celebrate independent horror films such as Leaf Blower Massacre and 13 Score. Check out all the creepy goodness that is out right now on MCWF’s Twitter and website (information on availability of preorders and price ranging from $100-$180 USD/ per figure).  

MCWF Website
MCWF Twitter

Chris Hammond
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