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Moondevil Studio pays homage to Two Horror Icons

Sunday, December 17, 2017 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

A professional sculptor since 1982, JOHN DENNETT showcases his skills over at MOONDEVIL STUDIOS, where he creates and sells his hand-cast resin creations. A few of his most recent releases are of interest to all fans of horror, given that they pay homage to two titans of literary horror, namely, EDGAR ALLAN POE and H.P LOVECRAFT.

POE comes part of the “MASTERS OF FICTION” line, which features 1/4 scale of the deceased author. This hand-cast, two piece, purple-grey tinted resin model kit stands approximately 8 1/2 inches tall when assembled. Heads up collectors, this bust is solid cast resin and NOT hollow.
Price $75 + shipping (made to order) 

LOVECRAFT is the centerpiece of the “SHADOWS OF H.P LOVECRAFT” series. This highly detailed portrait bust of the American author is hand-cast, two piece purple-grey tinted resin model kit that stands 8 1/2 inches tall when assembled. Again, this is solid cast resin and NOT hollow.
Price $75 + shipping (made to order)

Check out past and future kits and more at the official MOONDEVIL STUDIO site or contact JOHN DENNETT directly on his official FaceBook page for ordering information.  


Chris Hammond
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