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Pennywise Crawls Out From The Sewer This Fall In The USAopoly Table-top Board Game

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 | News

The OP (USAopoly) just did a reveal for the upcoming tabletop multiplayer game in  IT: EVIL BELOW, based on the break out horror hit of 2017 . In this do-or-die cooperative strategy game is made for players 17 years of age and above with gameplay for 2 to 7 players. One full game is set to take 40-60 minutes.

Game players will take on the roles of The Losers’ Club as they try to outsmart the supernatural-pest known as Pennywise the clown and stop it from terrorizing the town of Derry, Maine.  Game play consists of characters (The Losers) rolling multiple dice and moving around the game board that resemble locations in the town of Derry (the Barrens, the house on Neibolt street, the Standpipe, and many more locations).

Board game layout

The game comes with one game board (including a rulebook), 7 different character boards, 8 character movers and 7 custom dice. Tokens used for bravery, bikes, Loser club strength and Pennywise victims are also included. Custom game cards will also be drawn or dealt out to players (Totem Encounter cards, Attack Encounter cards and Pennywise weakness cards).  Players must work together (using elements of above items to help or hinder them) as The Losers’ Club lead by Bill Denbrough) to maneuver through the tabletop town of Derry, using character-specific abilities that maintain the needed courage to stop Pennywise from claiming more victims. If you fail to stop him, he wins, but weaken him and you may just save the town. 

Looked for IT: EVIL BELOW to surface at retailers and online this fall for the price of $29.95 USD. Why not tide that horror board game hunger over with both MONOPOLY :IT ($39.95 USD) and CLUE:IT ($39.95 USD), available now.

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