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Preview 25 upcoming indie horror games with Haunted PS1’s 2021 Demo Disc

Thursday, March 25, 2021 | Games


Though there’s no shortage of incredible indie horror games to check out on digital storefronts such as and Steam, trying to navigate their seemingly endless pages in search of quality content can prove a rather daunting task.

Thankfully, ’90s-inspired gaming collective HAUNTED PS1 are back to make this process a whole lot easier for us – and absolutely free of charge, to boot.

After providing one of the most unique gaming experiences last year with their 2020 DEMO DISC and EEK3 2020 VIRTUAL SHOW FLOOR event, this year’s offering serves up 25 spooky short-form horror from a varied group of developers including Merlino Games, Kazumi Studios, Feverdream Johnny, Valerie Dusk & Valerie Paris, and many more.

“The horrific times you had with the DEMO DISC 2020 are nothing more than a painful memory. It’s been a year – life has gone on. You’ve survived. It’s over.

Or so you thought.

Yet now you awake to find yourself in a room swathed in shadow, the memories of your arrival much too painful to confront in your uncertain state. The room is empty – save for one thing. A stone pedestal, nakedly imposing. Something wants you to approach.

And you do.

On the pedestal lies a lone, cracked jewel case. Your fingers run across the surface…


Without warning the darkness dies, sickly light flooding the room, and you find yourself in a massive building of stone walls and marble pillars. The air is cold yet stuffy, as if you breathe gaseous dust. A showcase – you stand within a showcase, a showcase of curious remnants of the culture outside this place, of the culture you’ll never return to, and the shapes within the displays sting your eyes like glass needles…”

You can download the HAUNTED PS1 DEMO DISC 2021 and keep up with HPS1 on their Twitter. Check out a trailer for the collection below.

Evan Millar
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