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Psychedelic Horror Short Film “Budfoot” Premiered On 4/20 More Details Inside

Thursday, April 23, 2020 | News

The psychedelic neon overlord known as Skinner is adding another notch to his belt by starring in a horror film short called  BUDFOOT. Travel through the pot vapor fueled psyche-horror film that follows Joe Carver (Skinner) as he travels deeper into blurring the lines between the creativity of a highly delusional toy maker and an inter-dimensional entity. Journey along with them as their “budding” relationship develops with one truly unbelievable outcome. 
BUDFOOT has to be experienced, not just viewed. Featuring Henry Zebrowski (Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Last podcast on the Left) SKINNER (artist of various Mastodon and High on Fire videos) James Sizemore (The Demon’s Rook, Goat Witch) Shane Morton (Cheddar Goblin from Mandy, Rob Zombie’s Halloween) Tim Reis and media team (Bad Blood: the movie, Mastodon, Asleep in the Deep) and Rock and Egg, an incredible VFX team that has stepped in to send this production over the top.
Spark one up, sit back and get ready Alter horror YouTube channel, BUDFOOT is up now. 
Follow the cast and crew on Instagram at:
@totalmeal -Director
@wondergoblin -Director, BUDFOOT Creator
@drfantasty – Voice of BUDFOOT
@rockandegg – Vfx team
@mediateamgo – video, sound, lights, camera, action!
@silverscreamfxlab – Producer, practical FX house
@theartofskinner – Actor 
Chris Hammond
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