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Review: KIDROBOT’s new “The 13” blind box art toys

Monday, November 20, 2017 | Collectibles, Review

Ever heard of a Dunny? This figure has been produced by KIDROBOT since 2004 and is a rabbit-like creature whose name derives from “Devil Bunny”, from an early prototype.  Dunnys have been released in many different scales, including 3, 5, 8 and 20 inches and have been designed by many different artists along a variety of themes.

Which brings us to the all-new “THE 13” glow-in-the-dark series by KIDROBOT featuring art by BRANDT PETERS. These blind box art toys are designed with imagination, intrigue, and eye-catching paint which helps bring out the personality of each Dunny. Most have accessories that also glow in the dark. and not the kind of sort of glow you get with many collectibles but a very vivid glow, which gives the figure a whole new feel in the dark.

Blind boxes are usually hit and miss; you put forth your hard earned money and could very well end up getting multiples of the same figure. With this set, multiples aren’t such a drawback as you can trade extra figures (so many people collect Dunnys these days) or gift them to people you know . KIDROBOT also did a beautiful job in hyping and enticing  collectors into wanting this set with the promotional material they released.

Case in point: this excellent description of what “THE 13” are and where they came from:
“Legend has it that a shady eccentric by the name of Lord Strange opened up the 13th dimension one blood moon, and in so doing filled his 13 floor mansion, Infernal Manor, with beasts, creatures and monstrosities of every type. Lord Strange was never seen again… his lair abandoned and sealed from the public since that horrific evening. None brave enough to venture into Infernal Manor has ever returned to tell their tale. Do you dare seek The 13?”

There was also an exciting mini promo reel on YouTube starring none other than the “13” themselves.

Here’s a rundown of each figure you may expect to find in you blind box:
No 1 – The Mad Butcher
No 2 – The Grisly Phantom
No 3 – Hay-man
No 4 – Fish!
No 5 – Mr. Gloom
No 6 – Diablo
No 7 – Jack O’ Lantern
No 8 – The Ancient One
No 9 – Jinx
No 10 – Nurse Cackle
No 11 – Nurse Casket
No 12 – Dr. Noxious
No 13 – ??

KIDROBOT and BRANDT PETERS have designed not only a nice collector figure set, but they’ve also put in all the extra work with promotional material that excites and entices the collector into purchasing the full set.

So rip the top off one of the blind boxes and see what creature emerges for you… hurry these won’t stay in stock long! 

Check out these and more items directly from Kidrobot 

Price: $11.99 (USD) + shipping for a single box 
$239.80 (USD) + shipping for 20 boxes housed in a display box

Chris Hammond
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