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Review: Onetti Brothers’ throwback giallo “ABRAKADABRA” is the real deal

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 | Review


Starring German Baudino, Maria Eugenia Rigon and Clara Kovacic
Written and directed by Luciano and Nicolas Onetti
Distributed by Cauldron Films

If you’ve seen Luciano and Nicolas Onetti’s previous films Sonno Profondo and Francesca, you already know what you’re in for with their newest feature film ABRAKADABRA—a unique, dreamlike experience that will remind you of gialli of old days like All the Colors of the Dark or The Bird with the Crystal Plumage.

ABRAKADABRA tells the story of Lorenzo (German Baudino), a magician traumatized by the accidental death of his father years ago during a magic trick gone wrong. When he comes back to town to perform his new show, a series of murders begin and it soon becomes clear that these gruesome events are connected to his father’s supposed “accident”. Full of twists and turns to the very demented end, the film never ceases to amaze by its relentless old school feeling with Fulci style zoom ins, red paint colored blood, striking looking femme fatales and hallucinatory sex scenes. These scenes reminiscent of early Argento and Martino are anchored in Baudino’s fearless and committed performance. The genre veteran just might be Argentina’s answer to Robert Englund.

From the sound design to the score (composed by co director Luciano Onetti) to the framing of every shot, ABRAKADABRA feels like a long lost original film from the 70’s—like watching Lenzi’s Paranoia for the first time. ABRAKADABRA takes on a serious homage to the often imitated horror lovers giallo. Does it work? Hell yes. Here’s to more crazy, unhinged and fun films like this coming our way soon.

ABRAKADABRA is currently available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video, and also for free on the YouTube channel WatchMoviesNow! (be warned that this version is cut by 3 minutes and lacks a crucial sex scene and some extra nudity). It will also be released on Blu Ray by Cauldron Films on June 23rd, featuring lots of extras so be sure you seek this one out!

Mariam RM