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Review: Skinner And Rosston Meyer Open Their Impressive “Necronomicon Pop Up Book”

Sunday, March 11, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

First, a little background on the artists who created THE NECRONOMICON POP UP BOOK published by Poposition Press. Skinner hails from Oakland, California and is a self-taught artist who crafts a balance between more bizarre works (mural, illustrations) while still maintaining a flourishing commercial career. The artist brings his unique style of art weirdness wherever he goes (and to whoever can handle it), and his work has been used by heavy metal bands such as Mastodon and High On Fire.

Rosston Meyer is a designer whose love of art and pop culture led to him starting up Poposition Press. Here his creative juices flow by designing and self-publishing limited edition pop up books using contemporary artists. Through the press, Rosston has been afforded the opportunity to work with a varied assortment of artists on various projects (The Pop Up Art Book, Bates Motel pop up for a vinyl album released by iam8bit).

Which brings us to the NECRONOMICON POP UP BOOK, the resulting creation when these two minds come together to celebrate the word of H.P. Lovecraft. The late author’s mythical Necronomicon has inspired artists and creators in every walk of life and infiltrated the popular culture to the point of a kind of genre holy grail.

Collectors will know they are going to be in for a treat as Skinner and Meyers have reinvented this storied book at astronomical proportions; from the outer hard cover casing on this “Earth Dweller” edition,  the NECRONOMICON POP UP BOOK stays true to its source material, but also splashes each page (including hard outer cover) full of neon punk artistry from five classic Lovecraft tales, including The Shadow Out Of Time, The Call Of Cthulhu, At The Mountains Of Madness, The Dunwich Horror and The Color Out Of Space.

The mechanics of the pop up book work beautifully with the aesthetically mind-blowing use of colour and illustration for a psycho-delic effect that a single viewing cannot do justice to. Warning: madness dwells within! Each page unfolds to 11 X 17 inches to expose a scene of amazement as the story comes to life before your eyes. If this wasn’t enough, each scene features two pull tabs with original story text written on them.

The NECRONOMICON POP UP BOOK was released in three different editions Necronomicon “Earth Dweller”, Necronomicon “Edler God” and Necronomicon “Arkham Oak Tome” editions (the latter which is now sold out). Each book is essentially the same release as the “Earth Dweller” edition, but with added extras. For instance, “Elder God” edition comes in a gold/silver foil embossed case wrap, and custom laser etched acrylic slipcase. You will also receive the “Shambling Freak” 9 X 12 inch art print (signed by Skinner).

Skinner and Meyer have made something that will infect the minds of Lovecraft enthusiasts. The book will surely bring new fans to the worlds of Lovecraft but also to those of Skinner and Meyer’s.  

Price: $50 USD (Earth Dweller NECRONOMICON POP UP BOOK
Skinner Website
Poposition Website

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