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Review: ThreeZero Reunites “Michonne” With Her Pets

Saturday, March 3, 2018 | Collectibles

ThreeZero is no stranger to The Walking Dead universe, having released figures based on the hit AMC network show in the past with plans to issue more in the near future. Featured here is this exclusive MICHONNE WITH MICHONNE’S PETS WALKER EXCLUSIVE TWIN PACK (previously the pets were showcased in separate boxes).

The twin pack is housed in a cool box with a magnetic flap that opens up so that you can display both pets through a plastic window. Collectors will appreciate that they can choose to display the figure in or out of the box in a display case. The box itself is adorned with sketches of the “pets” along with The Walking Dead logo. Blood splatter and a bloody hand print give this box a gritty feel.  

Remove the figures from their plastic coffins and you’ll be able to tell each “pet” apart by their underwear; green boxers for Pet 1 and red for Pet 2.

The quality of the figures is truly exquisite, with detailed skin and wounds which cover the figures from head to toe. A rubber layer also helps to give these undead twins an ultra-realistic feel and look. Each “Pet” is adorned with a gaping bloody hole where its jaw used to be driving up the gore factor. The blood itself is painted with a glossy look that brings that true lifeblood look to the forefront.

The level of attention to detail ThreeZero has put into these figures is pretty amazing. The backpacks that both Pets’ wear possess real-life functionality with zippers that open, buckles that lock and unlock, and material which feels like a true backpack.  Each figure’s real material blue jeans are weathered perfectly with rips and tears that feel like they’ve been worn for hours. The blue jean belts buckle up and can be removed or adjusted.

The figures themselves have many points of articulation, including ankles, knees, waist, and neck, but zero articulation in the arms (true to form, they have bloody gaps where arms used to be). ThreeZero did include only one set of bloody severed arms, which don’t reattach. Pets stand free and can be posed in many different ways, although most collectors will notice that stands are not included. Although it would have been nice, it’s not a deal breaker. Collectors who yet to bite the bullet and are on the fence, should note that these Pets are worth every penny, and look pretty amazing up close.

Katana-wielding fan-favorite MICHONNE, portrayed by Danai Gurira, is a force to be reckoned with. Her strong personality really came through in the show, so how does her 1/6 12-inch figure fare?

Michonne’s figure box falls in line with the other characters released by ThreeZero, with portraits of the character and name splattered all over the box. Opening the magnetic clasp cover reveals the figure in a window box and opposite is a black and white photo that shows her ready to unleash her Katana. Be careful trying to open the box as the top flap is very stiff and the box may rip easily. Once Michonne is freed from her clamshell casing, you’ll notice that the accessories included are two pairs of snap-on hands, Katana sword with sheath, messenger bag, and cloak.

Again, ThreeZero’s standards of quality are especially evident in the figure’s hair. The use of layering vinyl dreadlocks was a superior choice as it works flawlessly, without feeling like the waxiness of vinyl. One truly awesome little tidbit of dedication is the bandana, which is real material wrapped underneath the dreads. The likeness of this figure’s facial appearance is spot on.

Articulation is also evident in the wrists, arms, knees, waist, and ankles, but only moderate in the head as up and down movement is minimal. The figure can free stand but, again, including a stand would have been a nice touch.

ThreeZero did a great job overall with Michonne’s wardrobe which consists of a purple shirt, leather brown vest, green cargo-style pants, a functional belt, muddy boots and a real material cloak, although a savvy collector will notice they painted on the fingerless gloves on each pair of hands. Having real material would have made this piece more authentic to all the other accessories, though gloves are delicate and easy to break.

There is a minimalistic feel of accessories with this figure, but then again the most important one the “Katana” is included. Although the sword looks pretty good, a real metal blade on it would make it more aesthetically pleasing. Finally, after years of collector’s waiting, Michonne can now lead her pets in display cases worldwide.

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