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RockTheDead Co. Gets Into The Halloween Spirit With Pins, Candles And More

Sunday, September 22, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Don Bigda a.k.a. Dom Victor is back with more ROCKTHEDEAD CO merchandise (which we recently covered here). This time around there is a mixture of nostalgia, clowns, the possessed and more. 

Price $9 USD individually or $20 USD for a set of 3 plus shipping

Go back in time and revisit Rod Serling’s original black and white TV show with TWILIGHT ZONE – THE DUMMY 2 INCH PIN COLLECTION. Designed by Dom Victor, the item pays homage in this collection of three different variants on the the main character(s) of this episode (season 3 episode 33). The three pins in this collection are Soft Enamel Glow (Gray Scale), Hard Enamel (Gray Scale), Technicolor – Soft enamel or you can buy all three in a set.

Price $12 USD plus shipping

Right on the heels on IT: Chapter two released in the theatres comes Victor’s take on the Pennywise phenomenon in TIME TO FLOAT – SWING ACTION PIN. This 2.5 inch swing action Pennywise with double posted balloons is designed by Victor. Float away with this back stamped pin, which for a limited time comes with a 3 inch sticker (while supplies last).

Sticking with the clown theme comes HEADLESS CLOWN MODULAR PIN COLLECTION, complete with a selection of different interchangeable clown head characters and suits to choose from. These head sets include Pennywise set (includes 3 different heads), Killer Klowns set (includes 5 heads), ICP set (includes 3 heads) or finally the Art, Twisty, Captain Spaulding and Poltergeist set (4 heads in this set). Put your favorite face on the 3 inch clown suit pin (3″ Pin with recessed magnet for placing different Clown Heads), which include one random head (head sets sold separately).

Price $10 USD individually or $45 USD for a set of 3 and a candle plus shipping

Finally, get the demons out with the GEORGETOWN POSSESSION – HORROR HOMES AND CANDLE SET. Exorcise your pad with this 8 oz. candle (made from soot free wax) that comes in a 10 oz. tin Jar (Mystery Variant Pin in each candle). The Sage & Rosemary scented, green wax has a burn time of 12-15 hours and is available in 3 candle only variants (LE 9, LE 5, LE 1), with 15 total limited edition candles available. Grab your Rosaries, matches and get ready to have a hell of a night with these deep in possession Regan 2 inch, 2mm thick pins are double posted, electro black plates, back stamped, complete with glow in the dark moon.

Check out all the creepy cultural curiosities that Rockthedead co. has to offer on its website and Social Medias.


Chris Hammond
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