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Sacred Bones Records gets ready for the slaying season with a pair of “HALLOWEEN” tees

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 | Merch

Sacred Bones Records have a pre-order up right now for some great HALLOWEEN merch based on the new film slated to hit theatres October 19, 2018. Available in bundles are THE SHAPE’S MASK T-SHIRT and TARGET PRACTICE T-SHIRT.  Both of these 100% cotton shirts feature artwork by Chris Bilheimer and are produced to coincide with the release of the John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies’ original soundtrack for the new film.

The Shape’s Mask tee features a black image of our man Michael while the back of shirt has the word Halloween in small lettering (only available in a Heather grey coloured shirt). The Target Practice tee features a mock black image of Michael on a target, natch, and is only available in olive drab colour. Both sets are available in sizes x-small to 2XL for the low price of $20 USD. (Expect t-shirts to ship by October 19, 2018)

If this wasn’t cool enough, Sacred Bones Records also have both shirt options available in a bundle with the new LP (black vinyl). Receive either of these bundles with any style and size of shirt for just $35 USD.
Check out what other HALLOWEEN related merchandise Sacred Bones Records has to offer at their website below.

Sacred Bones Records Website 

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