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Shaun Hutson’s “Progeny” Spawns New Novel for Fans

Monday, November 9, 2020 | News

British horror legend Shaun Hutson releases a new hardback novel, PROGENY and the paperback version of his hit 2019 hardback novel, Testament. Both novels are published by Caffeine Nights Publishing and supported with eBook and audio versions.

PROGENY is the long-awaited sequel to his 1983 bestselling novel, Spawn. Caffeine Nights commissioned the original cover artist, for Spawn, Mark Taylor, to design the cover for PROGENY. The artwork pays homage to Spawn while presenting a totally new book with a lovely classic horror retro feel.

“PROGENY works as a stand-alone novel, but for fans who have read Spawn, there is a whole back story there that adds another level to reading PROGENY. I always wanted to go back and revisit some of my earlier work and see how I could develop the work over 35 years later. Spawn was always one of those stories that was left with strands that could be picked up and spun into something more horrific than the original.” Shaun said. “I also loved the irony of a book being spawned from the original that really is its progeny.”

PROGENY is Shaun Hutson’s thirty-ninth horror novel under his own name.

PROGENY is available in hardback, eBook, and audiobook from all good book shops and online.

Progeny by Shaun Hutson

Grace Detwiler
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