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Soak In The Horror With Sweet Shop Of Horrors Bath Products

Thursday, March 29, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Talia, the owner of Las Vegas-based Sweet Shop of Horrors, creates some very haunting horror inspired bath products that are sure to make baths fun again. These products stem from Talia’s love of lush products, taking baths, horror, and being artsy. Sweet Shop of Horrors offers affordable bath products such as the very creative dEVILEgg (Large bath bomb). This nectarine and berry -scented bath bomb consist of a black egg yolk “bomb” and meringue soap and they look simply devilish. Another exciting creation is called “StrawBloody Milkshake Body Wash,” featuring a glass bottle with custom logo and an eyeball cap.

All of Sweet Shop of Horror’s items are handmade with mixtures of different oils (such as grapeseed and coconut) which make exiting the bathtub a slipping risk, so please take care and caution when doing so. Be sure to also check out the ingredients that are listed for each individual item in case of allergic reactions. 

Check out the whole line of horror-themed items, ranging in price from $8 (USD) up to $18 (USD).

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Chris Hammond
The Curator of the Creepy collectibles. I've been an avid horror fan for over 3 decades. Meeting and writing about some of the finest artists from all over the world is a pure joy. I've written for multiple websites on the art and collectible front. The horror bug that lives inside me is well cared for and has been going strong since I watched my first introduction to horror through a grainy VHS copy of John Carpenter's 1978 classic film Halloween.