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Spotlight: Delectable collectibles by “Cherry Moth Cake”

Sunday, February 17, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Baltimore, Maryland is home to husband and wife artist team of Nick DiFabbio and Lindsay Wailes DiFabbio who form CHERRY MOTH CAKE. Nick (who also releases art under Ghostfreehood) handles the illustration duties, while Lindsay takes care of the 3D design. Together, they create some highly sought after “art” merchandise.

The designer vinyl gods look down in admiration to the company’s colourful GHOST CATCHER VINYL FIGURE LINE (available in 1.75 inch micro sized edition and the normal 5 inch version).These creatures look like mystical monsters which suck the souls from the dead. Standing about the size of an upright hand, the non-articulated meanies are made in a style resembling the sofubi soft vinyl creations. They are usually available for sale at conventions, or if in stock on the Cherry Moth website (usually made available in 50 pieces per style at a cost from $60 USD and up).

Designer toys are not the only thing these artists create, they are versed in original design enamel pins, created with bright, eye-catching, colours (even glowing in the dark). Based on original designs, each pin has a little interesting side-story attached to it. Take the SOUL GORGER ENAMEL PIN (available in 50 pieces per style at a cost of $20 USD and up): this body-less head devours all who stand is in its path, while searching for its missing body “It remembers only pain and is driven by the desire to be whole again” -Cherry Moth Cake

Cherry Moth Cake also busies itself with apparel and merchandise, such as all original illustrated colouring books, plush toys, patches and even limited edition screen prints – all created with the collector in mind. 

With their ever evolving original styles, the Cherry Moth Cake duo are poised to leave a scar; check out their works, or contact either artist via the website below. Follow Nick via the Ghostfreehood Instagram, or even follow their “real life” cat Gummers DiFabbio on Facebook through the daily activities of a cat in the home of artists.

Cherry Moth Cake Website
Nick DiFabbio (Ghostfreehood) Instagram
Gummers DiFabbio Facebook

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