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The Devil Haunts Bourbon Street In Jeff Tuohy’s New Music Video

Saturday, July 3, 2021 | Music

Are you ready to travel to a deadly New Orleans?

Jeff Tuohy’s new music video, THE DEVIL’S IN NEW ORLEANS, will take you there, mixing genres, moods, and messages to deliver a swampy, bluesy feast for the ears that would make Marie Laveau proud. The video is entirely animated by Marcus Guio and the pair make an unforgettable team.

Visually, we’re treated to a black and white spook show that recalls Max Fleisher’s classic take on “Minnie The Moocher,” The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, and elements of The Muppets Take Manhattan, wrapping them in a Southern Gothic framework. “The pandemic made the prospect of filming this video a logistical nightmare. Animation afforded an opportunity to manifest the imagery the song conjured in my head,” say Tuohy. “The entire collaboration was via email between a Portuguese-speaking animator, Marcus Guio of São Paulo’s 77 Marcus, and me, an English-speaking musician. I detailed a storyline and frames down to the second and he executed the vision.”

Check out THE DEVIL’S IN NEW ORLEANS below, and visit Jeff Tuohy online

Harleigh Keriazes
Harleigh Keriazes is an editor and Intern at Rue Morgue. She is a current MA student in Ryerson's Literatures of Modernity program where she studies horror in the supernatural and fairy tales.