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“The Mighty Peking Man” FilmArt Supreme Vinyl Figure Announcement

Saturday, November 24, 2018 | Collectibles

Shaw Brothers Studios have been releasing action packed films for over 59 years now, most falling under the Martial Arts genre with a handful of horror/creature movies rounding out their library. The Mighty Peking man (1977) was produced by the studio to try and take advantage of the Kaiju or giant monster craze that the Japanese had enjoyed with their Godzilla and Gamera film properties.

The film centers around a group from Hong Kong as they set out to explore the Himalayan mountains and happen upon a Yeti creature known to locals as “Peking Man,” along with Samatha, who just happened to be raised by it. The story progresses with action, romance and even a Peking man final fight.

This classic genre film has been highly influential and the creature has become beloved the world over. Now you can own your very own likeness from PLAY Toy x Unbox x Celestial Pictures which have produced The FILMART SUPREME LINE: THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN VINYL FIGURE. The soft vinyl figure stands 13 inches tall with a crazy Yeti 7 points of articulation. The figure has a high glossy finish, and sculpted by David Arshawsky. The creature also shows off a wide open mouth full of giant Yeti chompers. Accessories include Samantha and a piece of  wreckage (both items fit nicely into the giant hands of the Mighty Peking Man).

Order your own piece of Shaw Brother’s history through this “mighty” release by Play Toy, due to ship out the first quarter of 2019.
Price: $968.00 HK

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