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“Killer Party,” April Fools Assholes!

Thursday, April 11, 2019 | Rewind Zone


Ah April: the month of chicanery, pranks and massacres! Killer Party was originally titled April Fools but since Paramount released April Fool’s Day, distributors didn’t want people to confuse them with each other. I am a fan of April Fool’s Day but prefer Killer Party because not only does it contain actual deaths and a supernatural element, it includes one of the most perfect songs in a movie ever.

Firstly the beginning of this movie has got some Inception shit going on. You think you’ve started watching Killer Party but nope… the first prank has already got you fooled! The opening scene features the most gleeful priest I’ve ever seen on screen but apparently my observation did not make as great of an impact on a crimped-haired girl named April watching this at the drive–in. As she goes to get more popcorn the best thing to ever happen occurs (also am I the only one who misses when popcorn used to come in buckets instead of bags?). Now if you ever happen to steal popcorn from the concession booth at a drive-in, zombies will attack you while White Sister rocks out during your “horrible” demise. I don’t know about you but if I was running in fear for my life from choreographed zombies, as long as White Sister were playing the song April surrounded by neon lights, I think I’d die a happy girl.

Can you name a movie that starts with a movie within a movie that turns into a music video in another movie? Now Killer Party has begun! I tend to adore 80s high school and college films which is why I prefer Ghoulies 3 to Ghoulies 2. Part of the appeal of these movies to me is enjoying watching how these kids get away with their shenanigans and how they’re always managing to be even more raucous with each prank.

Three best friends Jennifer, Phoebe & Vivia, who prefer big fat cucumbers, are the central figures in Killer Party and are all enduring the usual hazing in order to be initiated into a sorority. But be warned: sorority initiations never go smoothly when satanic goats, candles, and eggs are involved.

Aside from the actual pranks that take place in Killer Party, one thing that horror movies do so well is mislead the audience into guessing who the killer is. Killer Party does this immediately with the slow introduction of Martin, the nerd that wears dirty converse and may or may not have fleas but turns out to be sexy, so good for him!

One thing I do enjoy about watching 80s horror is when the characters are completely oblivious to something undeniably evident. Let’s be honest we all love yelling “he’s right behind you!” at the screen. One of my favourite scenes is when Jennifer and Blake go into the basement. I’m not saying I have perfect vision but if I was in a semi-dark basement I’m pretty sure I’d instantly notice a rotting corpse maybe that’s just me. That and the classic “body parts in the fridge” trope is very admirable and consistent in 80s horror.

I love any possession movie. There’s something about an evil demonic voice, glowing eyes, and rank teeth that just tingles my soul. Especially when Jennifer crawls on the floor & ceiling with her tongue out, it’s very reminiscent of Angela from Night of the Demons. It’s interesting that both movies have a final scene involving an attempt to escape a creepy house from the roof. Also something I was not aware of is that apparently people dress up for April Fools parties but I’m pretty sure you can refuse an ambulance ride so just in case you’re ever faced with being stuck in one with a demon, just say no!

The cover art for Killer Party is simply fabulous and embodies 80s horror at its finest, one of my favourites of the Key Video VHS series. It’s now time to get cozy on the couch this April with your college buds, beers, and football phones because it’s time for some bloody antics. April Fools Assholes!


Yasmina Ketita
My name is Yasmina and I am the co-host of Witch Finger Horror Podcast. My love for horror and VHS was established while growing up in the 80s. My admiration for the 80s and horror movies has compelled me to speak out about all the glorious aspects of this time and these movies on my podcast and also through writing. The 80s are my favourite decade for horror because it spawned a new generation of incredible practical effects, amazing VHS cover art and most importantly, provides nostalgia. Watching 80s horror movies comforts me in a sentimental way as if being back in those movie rental days.