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THREE ZERO AMC The Walking Dead Merle Dixon figure

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 | News

THREE ZERO is back at it again, this time releasing an AMC THE WALKING DEAD figure version of Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker). This 1/6 scale figure follows in line with their Rick Grimes version release and is housed in an exquisite Merle portrait riddled outer box, with AMC THE WALKING DEAD and THREE ZERO logos heavily prevalent for everyone to see. Opening up the box we’re greeted with another large fold out scene of Merle on the left and the figured housed in a window box on the right. Opening up the transparent clam shell reveals a figure with a plastic bag over his head (this never gets old, I hope some company decides to release a figure where the bag can’t be removed).

The thing that you can always be sure of when buying THREE ZERO is you’re going get quality over every inch of the figure. Merle’s tailored wardrobe consists of a brown short sleeved shirt (which he wears while working with the Governor’s gang on the TV show), military type pants with many working zippers, a dirty white cotton t-shirt, a leather belt (included attached to belt is a gun holster) and military boots (which if you look at the bottom of the left boot, you’ll find Three Zero’s logo). The figure’s wardrobe really gives it a great “jump” out of the show look and feel and that’s a major plus.

The head sculpt always seems to be the hardest thing to pull off, this Michael Rooker likeness has its good and okay qualities. Let’s get to the good first if tilted in a downward tilt this head looks good, even great. The receding hairline, the wrinkles all look perfect, if I’d give the whole thing one drawback it would have to be that the eyes are painted in a way where you can’t pose this figure’s head straight on. If you do put the head in a dead on straight ahead look Merle’s eyes look odd, almost as though he is looking up. This is easily remedied though by tilting his head downward, I would have loved a zombie Merle head included, maybe that’s just me?

The articulation is pretty standard with all Three Zero figures, you get a great deal of movement including, a few covered joints by the elbows. The wrist joints are pretty exposed when you have both hands attached, but trading the hand out for his prosthetic right arm with bayonet remedies this look.


The accessories that are included with the figure are one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of fists (you can always use a good pair of fists), one pair of gripped hands (gripping is great for holding guns) and of course the prosthetic right arm with bayonet (included with figure are instructions on how to attached this arm). The arm looks just as good as in the series and has a great feel to it (the leather straps are real material and the metal joints actually move). I can’t forget that a gun is included has a removable cartridge. The one thing that’s lacking is a stand like the one included with the Rick Grimes figure they released earlier.

Three Zero always puts out a great 1/6 scale figures with a great deal of care and this Merle Dixon figure is no different. I love the look of the figure while sporting the bayonet arm, just make sure you tilt his head in the right position and get him ready for battle.

Priced at: $164.99 (USD) available now.

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