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Trick Or Treat Studios Brings “Michael Myers” Home In Style

Monday, February 22, 2021 | Collectibles


Trick or Treat Studios and Compass International Pictures proudly present the Official Halloween 1978 Michael Myers 12″ Action Figure, which is available in to styles: the standard edition (nonblood) and the Samhain edition, splattered in blood. Both versions have the same specs and accessories. The 1/6th scale figure sculpted by Justin Mabry & Alexander Ray features over 30 points of articulation making the figure a breeze to pose in many different and haunting stances.

The stylized collector’s box that the figure comes in shows off so much love for John Carpenter’s original 1978 film. The front of the box recreates its iconic poster, while the back of the box shows the figure in a pose taken directly from the film. The box opens up to show off the figure window box style. The left window also features quotes from from Dr. Loomis and another picture of Myers. The figure comes clothed in screen accurate wardrobe, including working zippers. The boots that the figure wears do have some sculpt to them but not much weight. This is most likely to help the figure remain standing without any issues.

The figure comes with interchangeable hands (two right hands, one left hand). One of the right hands is sculpted to hold a bloody knife accessory as the other hands grabs at his victims. This figure’s high points is breath-taking and accurate Mask/Head sculpt. The eyes on Myers are haunting. The hair on the figure is sculpted, and, though sometimes this is a drawback, it looks very good on this figure.

Trick or Treat Studios’ Michael Myers should make collectors flip their lids. With a reasonable price point of $119 USD for the Standard Edition and $139 USD for the Samhain Edition, this is a figure worth shelling out for and making room for amongst your other Halloween collectibles.

Grab one from Trick or Treat Studios (Standard Edition), or at for the bloody Samhain Variant Edition. Follow Trick or Treat Studios on Facebook for more collectible and gift ideas.  Also give a follow on Facebook for more haunting and unique horror collectibles.



Chris Hammond
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