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Vinegar Syndrome’s “Halfway to Black Friday” Sale Returns to Make Cult Film Fans Quiver

Sunday, May 20, 2018 | Blu-ray/DVD


Vinegar Syndrome’s webstore went dark this past Friday which can mean only one thing: the fine folks behind the scenes are gearing up for another kickass sale! 

The boutique Cult film preservation and releasing company’s twice-yearly sales are always not-to-be-missed events, and 2018’s “Halfway to Black Friday” is sure to be a server-busting (oh-god-please-no) bash! Nearly everything in Vinegar Syndrome’s rapidly expanding catalogue (excluding some newer releases) will be 50% off!

For those who’ve yet to experience BLOOD HOOK, (the sole directorial effort of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Creator, Joe Mallon) this is a perfect opportunity to grab it before it sells out for good! A midwestern slasher send-up featuring a killer who disposes of his victims by fishing rod, this ridiculously entertaining flick comes uncut and newly restored from its original negative!

Other fresh titles worth checking out include Norman J. Warren’s TERROR, Glen Coburn’s Texas trash-fest, BLOOD SUCKERS FROM OUTER SPACE, and of course, Melvin Van Peeble’s landmark blaxploitation film, SWEET SWEETBACK’S BAADASSSSS SONG, the first 2,000 units of which will be available with a sick slipcover!

The sale’s main attraction, of course will be its two surprise Blu-rays. Vinegar Syndrome has done this in the past, and the titles are always blind-buy worthy and sell out quick! Take a gander at the scrambled covers yourself and see if you can suss out what the titles may be! Lastly, for the VS addicts among us, the company’s “Halfway to Black Friday” packages will be available, offering heavy discounts for preordering all new releases that come out between June and December. There’s no better way to fill out your Vin-Syn collection!

“Halfway to Black Friday” takes places May 25th-28th at

Rocco T. Thompson
Rue Morgue's Online Managing Editor, Rocco is a Rondo-nominated writer and avid devotee of all things weird and outrageous.