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VS: Is illegal downloading detrimental to horror?

Saturday, January 6, 2018 | Poll

While it’s often dismissed as a necessary evil in the electronic age, illegal downloading and streaming of copyrighted material has a contested impact on the industry. That’s why we felt it timely to have two fans enter the ring in our latest issue to battle it out over the question: is illegal downloading detrimental to horror?

In the first corner, we have BENOIT BLACK, who argues Yes, since, “by doing so, audiences only make it harder for their heroes to continue to make the things they love to see.”

Opposing him is CAITLIN MARCEAU who argues No, stating that “some of the best horror cinema is from the international market, but with limited distribution and access, illegally streaming is often the only solution for seeing them.”

Read both arguments in their entirety in the latest issue of RUE MORGUE (#180), now on stands and cast your vote below!

The winner will be declared in the Mar/Apr issue of RUE MORGUE (#181), on stands everywhere March 1, 2018!

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