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Waxwork’s newly released Stephen King “IT” television soundtrack is a dark joy to behold

Monday, May 14, 2018 | News

Stephen King’s IT television movie has seen a well-earned resurgence in popularity since Bill Skarsgård stepped in to play the role of Pennywise in the Andy Muschietti directed remake. Now, New Orleans-based Waxwork Records is showing love by releasing  STEPHEN KING’S IT ORIGINAL TELEVISION MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK in a deluxe debut vinyl release. This chilling triple LP set has taken over a year to reach completion as they worked meticulously with Warner Bros., composer Richard Bellis and even King himself. 

Waxwork Records has built a devoted fan base with not only inventive colour schemes and amazing sound quality, but also the obvious pride they take in packaging their releases. Gatefolds are covered front to back in illustrious artwork from the King-approved Matt Ryan Tobin.

This hair-raising set is pressed on a very fitting 180 gram Red, Blue, and Yellow “Balloon” coloured vinyl with tri-fold gatefold, featuring Pennywise with balloons and folding out to reveal a scrapbook, featuring photos from the film. The gate also features a spot UV-gloss coating to keep it looking like the day you purchased “IT”. A few other goodies included with this set are a red balloon with Waxwork Records logo, a postcard with front cover album art and a replica 12X12-inch insert of The Derry News with the headline “All’s Well in Derry!”, so you can create your very own S.S Georgie. 

The expansive score (which is available in its entirety for the first time) by composer and conductor Richard Bellis is expertly measured with a range of classic orchestral prompts and haunting electronic music and sound effects created using synthesizers. One great example is the track entitled “The Fog” which begins innocuously enough before building towards an anxiety-filled musical monster that does not let up until the final 14 seconds of the track (not unlike the film itself). No question, the IT soundtrack will keep listeners coming back for more.

What can I say, Waxwork is known for giving us what we paid for and have outdone themselves with this release. This is indeed the definitive soundtrack which not only compliments the television movie but in some cases even surpasses it.  

This set may be sold out on Waxwork Records website but it can still be obtained through Amazon and Ebay at this time. Stay up to date with the newest releases at Waxwork Record’s website and sample their releases on the companies Soundcloud page.    
Waxwork Records Website 
Waxwork Records Soundcloud

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